Our Vision for 2017

  • invest in our community

    For 15 years, we have sought to partner with various local organizations (and a few further away) in order to make a difference in our neighborhood. Last year, we had an unprecedented event - a budget surplus. So, we've decided to invest in the community by giving a financial contribution to each of the following organizations.

    • Ruth N. Upson Elementary
    • Hamilton Fellowships (our partner church in Canada)
    • Jacksonville Baptist Association (planting churches)
    • Murray Hill Preservation Association
    • Murray Hill Athletic Association
    • Murray Hill Library
    • Feeding Northeast Florida
    This money does not have strings attached, and we're not asking these organizations for anything in return. Rather, we want to support the good work they're doing and let them know that we're here to help.
  • Invite people to worship and to serve

    The second thing we want to do is simply extend an invitation. Since we believe that God is changing lives and that our church in Murray Hill is a place where this happens, we want to bring people along. So, when it is possible, we'll cordially invite our friends, family, and coworkers to church.

    Inviting people isn't exclusive to worship. Many people aren't ready to attend worship services, but would be happy to help at some of the events we do to help the community (Food Giveaways, Clean-up days, Fall Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, and numerous others). It's a great way to get started, so we'll invite people to help us, regardless of whether they share our beliefs.

  • immerse ourselves into the community

    Finally, we want to immerse ourselves within the local organizations that are working to make Murray Hill better. Our people and resources should be available for these groups. Christians are often known for what they are against, but as followers of Jesus, we need to let people know what we're for.