Giving Online

If you often forget your checkbook, we offer two options for online giving. The first is through Clover Give, which is our preferred option because the fees are lower. This method of giving requires you to know your bank account number and routing number, and allows you to give in the same manner that many people pay their mortgage. You can choose between recurring and one-time gifts, and you will always have full control. If you create an account, you can make future contributions without re-entering all of your information. This service is secured by industry leading encryption methods.  The link is below. The second option is "TEXT" to give at, 904-441-MHBC (6422). An important note, the ministerial staff does not have access to any giving records. Your giving is confidential and we respect your privacy.


You may also give online using paypal. PayPal is only suggested if you want to use your credit or debit card. The same degree of safeguarding and confidentiality applies regardless of which method you use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my routing and account number?

This article provides a step-by-step process and is very helpful.

Are there any potential security risks?

It's impossible to rule out all risks. However, we have retained the services of highly reputable processors that have an impeccable reputation and top security standards. We do not receive any of your account information. In fact, writing a check or using a debit card at a restaurant is considerably more risky than using these online tools, as long as you safeguard your password for services like PayPal. So, giving online through our website is very safe.

Does the church prefer one method over the other?

We want for you to have the convenience of multiple ways to give, so please choose whichever is best for you. There is no charge to you for using any of these service. However, small fees are assessed to us for some of the services. For example, the Donate Here feature has a 1% charge plus a $0.29 transaction fee to pay for the security you get through BluePay. The PayPal link has a 2.2% charge and a $0.30 transaction fee, which is a special rate for non profit 501(c)(3) organizations like us. This means that on a donation of $100, the fees would be $1.29 and $2.50 for these respective options. All in all, the fees are very low and competitive, and they are regarded as a "cost of doing business" in any sector that uses payment processing. We believe that using Clover Donations will be easier for you, especially if you want to give recurringly. Of course, using BillPay through your bank or credit union is free on all accounts, in addition to being very simple to set up. Many of our members have used it for years.

Are my donations still tax-exempt?

Absolutely. Every donation you make to us will be identified on your charitable gift form and can be used as a component of your itemized deductions when you file your taxes.

Who will be able to see what I give?

Carolyn Jones is our financial secretary and bookkeeper. She has access to all of the records, but does not share any individual records with any of the church staff. Your privacy is very important to us. You may email Carolyn directly with questions or call the church office and ask to speak with her.