Murray Hill Groups

We believe that we are created for community and understand the integral role that smaller, relationally-centered groups play in our spiritual growth process. No matter where you are in life, we have a group for you. There are a number of groups that meet during the week and we have a variety of groups which meet on Sunday mornings before the service*. 

Below is a list of our current Groups (Group leader, age and gender, and meeting day) -

Richard Disney – Adults, men and women (Sunday Morning)

Gary Miller – Adults, men and women (Sunday Morning)

Pat Niles – Adults, men and women (Sunday Morning)

Mike Pittman – Adults, men and women (Sunday Morning)

Barbara Attaway – Adult, women (Sunday Morning)

Jay Stuckey, III and Seth Mobley - Young Adults (Sunday Morning)

Carol Caines – Adults (Thursday Night)

Alicia Disney – All ages, women (Wednesday Night)

Jay Stuckey, III – Young Adults (Tuesday Night)

Rick Tierney - All ages, men (Wednesday Night)

Laura Garcia - Young Moms (Wednesday Morning, 9am)

*For weekend groups, childcare is provided beginning at 9:15 am. When you arrive, a member of our host team will be glad to help you find a group where you can connect.

If you have a questions about any of the Groups, contact Doug Cooley

Group Studies

Each week, group studies are created based on the most recent sermon. These are great for your Groups as well as for individual use. All of the studies for the year will appear here. If you're interested in older studies, please contact Doug Cooley.

11-18-2018: A Thankful Heart

11-04-2018: Reestablishing the Mission

11-12-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? Prayer

10-14-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? Eye for Eye

10-08-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? Oaths

9-30-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? - Divorce

9-16-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? - Murder

9-02-2018: How Would Jesus Live My Life? - Salt and Light

8-19-2018: Parables: The Sheep and the Goats

8-12-2018: Parables: The Sower

7-29-2018: Parables: The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

7-22-2018: Parables: The Lost Sheep

7-15-2018: Parables: The Bags of Gold

7-08-2018: Parables: The Workers and the Vineyard

7-01-2018: Parables: The Unmerciful Servant

6-24-2018: Parables: The Mustard Seed

6-10-2018: Parables: The Rich Fool

5-20-2018: The Favor of God - part 1

5-13-2018: Lessons from a Biblical Mom

4-22-2018: Loving the Creation

4-08-2018: Operation Neighbor

3-25-2018: The Purpose of the Cross: Reconciliation

3-17-2018: The Purpose of the Cross: Substitution

3-11-2018: The Purpose of the Cross: Atonement

3-04-2018: The Purpose of the Cross: Ransom

2-25-2018: Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry From Your Life

2-11-2018: Operation: Neighbor

2-19-2018: Easy vs. Right - Week 4

2-04-2018: Easy vs. Right - Week 3

1-28-2018: Easy vs. Right - Week 2

1-21-2018: Easy vs. Right - Week 1

1-14-2018: Vision Day