Worship Team

Thoughts on Worship

We believe worship is more about your connection with God than the nuts and bolts of which songs are chosen. That said, our style is primarily contemporary and played mostly by a band. We sing at least one hymn every service because these songs were penned and composed by writers that went before us and lived out their faith. Here and there, we'll do traditional hymns from the organ. Whatever the style, we want to sing a song that most people will know. We also use new music, because we have found that it often communicates powerfully and helps to foster a worshipful environment.

Join the Team

Whatever your unique talents, we are always looking for more opportunities to use people's God-given gifts as we worship Him together. We are always looking for musicians, singers, as well as volunteers to help with sound, lights and livestream production. From time to time, we have drama, video, and artistic presentations incorporated into our worship services. For more information, contact Joel Miller.