Completed - PROJECT 2020 - Thank You for helping us reach this goal

Although, we were able to complete all phases of this campaign, there are always other building maintenance and improvements needing to be made. Donations may still be made into our Building Fund. We will soon be announcing the goals for our next Project.

We have four critical areas we must address as soon as possible for the church. They are listed below with the amounts for each areas. Please also look at this video, as it breaks down the areas and shows you what exactly needs to be done. 

These are the four areas of Project 2020:

  1. Demolish the grey-house (unsafe and unsightly) on Dancy Street and create a community garden. Cost - $10,000
  2. Renovate the men's restroom, for the first time since 1948. Cost - $22,500
  3. Renovate key areas of the mission house at 1050 Wolfe St to make it suitable for missionaries with temporary house needs stateside. Cost - $7,500
  4. Replace the elevator to comply with code regulations and remove equipment that is nearly unserviceable due to lack of parts. Cost - $60,000

Total costs: $100,000

Please consider giving to this project as a contribution above-and-beyond your tithes.