Why do we exist?

Our church is not our building. It is our people. We hope you have a positive experience in which you are loved and not judged. 

Our mission is to glorify God by intentionally sharing Jesus Christ and leading people into a fully devoted relationship with Him.

Our purpose is simple. We basically do three things:

  1. Connect people to God.
  2. Connect people to People.
  3. Connect people to Service.

Our covenant explains the daily practices we believe are essential to faith.

gps: god, people, and service

Connecting people to God

Our first objective is to connect people to God by introducing them to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ. It is our conviction that God does not want “anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” Therefore, we are passionately committed to connecting people to God.

Connecting people to People

Our second objective is to connect people to people by having them participate in smaller groups. Whether it is on Sunday morning or during the week, we believe that God has wired us to need others and desire to have relationship with other believers. Discipleship, encouragement, and accountability will be found as we connect to other people.

Connecting people to Service

Our third objective is to connect people to service. Jesus called us to servanthood as His followers, and it is through ministry (service) that true discipleship comes to fruition in the believer’s life. It is then, through our service, that new people will be connected to God and begin their own journey of faith.

Church Covenant (established 1936)

If you're interested in a more detailed statement of belief, our church covenant will give you good insight into what it means to be a "member" of Murray Hill. This covenant was established with the church in 1936. One important thing to understand is that all questions are welcomed here, and you will not be judged for doubting or struggling along your journey of faith. We also will not pressure you for membership, as that is a decision you need to come to prayerfully and without pressure. 

We covenant with Christ and one another to establish as our minimum personal objectives: 

  • Meet God daily in a set time of prayer. 
  • Let God confront us daily through the Scriptures. 
  • Grow in love the Christian community and all people, remembering the command, "Love one another as I have loved you." 
  • Worship weekly-normally with our church. 
  • Be a vital contributing member of one of the church ministries. 
  • Give proportionately, with the tithe as the minimum goal for each member. 
  • Share our faith individually by word and deed with those whom we meet daily. 
  • Confess and ask the help of our fellowship should we fail in these expressions of devotion.